Monday, 26 October 2009

New Free Jazzy Jeff Mix

My favourite DJ Jazzy Jeff has jus finished a new michael jackson mix ,jeff shows of his usual top skills here,dam jeff needs to do something with 1212,only contact ive had with jeff was selling him 4 pairs of the same trainer-TRUE STORY

download full mix here:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Our homie Profisee's dope new release

Label: Cloak X Dagger
Vinyl X Digital


"On the run like I'm Logan......"

Cloak X Dagger are proud to present their first release on plastic and digital formats. You have 7 days to download your exclusive "Zoning//What it Seems" package before it terminates.

The Zoning E.P is a collaborative project envisioned by the Scotland's resident MC Profisee and San Francisco based producer Eprom. Both artists operate outside the conventions and rules of traditional hip hop and dance music culture, which is what makes the Zoning E.P all the more special. It's regional, global, progressive... and best of all, sounds ballistic on the club floor. Futurist beats collide with introspective vocals, bass heavy and zoned out to its core, taking their style to another dimension.

Prof is no stranger to the mic, over the years he has worked with the likes of Neil Landstrumm, Process Rebel, Yard Emcees, Hexstatic and forthcoming joints already bubbling with Poirier Sound.
Now is the time for Profisee to solidify himself as a solo artist.

The vinyl release will include an exclusive tribal reworking of "Zoning" from LuckyMe head honcho's The Blessings, plus reduxes of both tracks on the digital format from Vigilante, (Great Ezcape) possessed by Beethoven. Edinburgh's own hip hop impresario Nasty P and new artist RVLT.
The Zoning Ep is set to break the mould and cast off any stigma attached to regional UK emcees.

Check it out and let us know what you think... Profisee will be available for radio/press interviews and sessions. Please get intouch.

Can We Get a Witness?>>>>Reactions>>>>

This is BIG! Already played it...

(Mary Anne Hobbes – BBC Radio 1 / Various – UK)

Wobbly ass hip hop.

(Mathhead – Trouble & Bass/ Various / US)

Thanks, into this - those crazy Scot's!

(Bok Bok – Night Slugs/ Sub FM/ Various - UK)

Woh! Big Prof on the mic. Loving ‘What It Seems’ and the Instrumental. BIG.

(Disorda - Suspect Packages Ltd. - UK)

Filthy, dirty & BIG!

(Etienne – Heads High Soundsystem - UK)

This some ill shit, Scotland Stand UP!!

(Orifice Vulatron - Foreign Beggars - UK)

Shit is bumping. Pressure !!!

(Mathieu Schreyer - KCRW - US)

Roc Raida tribute

Rest in Peace Homie, heres clip of the worlds dopest djs comin tgether to celebrate raida's life


my homies leen,mr shaodow and serocee came thru scotland this week on a unique tour,go to their website to find out more
basically they were jus turning up at different cities every night,rollin to whatever was on ,killin it big time and leaving thousands of people wanting more

these 3 guys are the dopest mcs in the UK right now,keep checkin for updates to see how they are gettin,i had great fun with them doin the tour manager role for a couple of days ha ha for more info and to see some funny clips

Monday, 12 October 2009

RIP Roc Raida

Roc Raida was a huge inspiration to myself and my djing, I was lucky enough to get chance to meet him and hang with him a bit and it turned out he was also a really nice dude,great sense of humor and one of the greatest dj's of all time
my thoughts are with his family

Little Young

Check our 2 favouitre mc's new track here ,our homie ED OG and Masta Ace tell you what time it is